Campaign for new Eastleigh police station

For too long, crime and anti-social behaviour has been an issue across the borough of Eastleigh.

The Conservative Government is stepping-up to this issue by opening a new police station in Eastleigh Town Centre and putting 582 new police officers on the streets of Hampshire.

But we know that we must go further. That’s why Sam Joynson is launching a survey to understand the policing priorities of local residents, so that both (i) the new Eastleigh police station can be designed in a way that best fits the needs of Eastleigh and (ii) new policing initiatives can be designed around resident priorities. Please share your ideas and suggestions below.

Sam said “as a former lawyer, I am fully aware of the impact that crime has on individual livelihoods and the broader community. And that’s why I’m determined to do something about it, so we all feel safe again.”


Policing priorities survey

  • Current Policing priorities for Eastleigh
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How safe do you feel walking round our streets? On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is extremely unsafe and 10 is extremely safe?
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Extremely safe